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The Tidy Books® Story,by Geraldine,Tidy Books Company Founder

The Tidy Books story began when I was looking for a bookcase for my young daughter Adele, and I found I just couldn't buy the bookcase I had in mind.  I wanted a practical, compact bookcase that would be easy for her to use independently, and that would show the books' front covers.

Originally from Paris, I moved to train at the renowned Newark School of Violin Making, and then worked at the Royal Academy of Music.  After which, I set up my own business making violins, violas and cellos for professional musicians.

Traditional bookcases (decorated or not) for children simply made no sense to me.  Adele's books, like most children's books were outsize,differently shaped and hard to keep tidy.  As you know, children don't choose books from the spine but from the cover, and when a child takes a book from a traditional bookcase, the rest collapse.




The idea of a "Tidy Books" bookcase was compelling, so in my spare time, I began designing a new book storage system in my violin workshop.  I created the first "Tidy Books" bookcases for myself and friends, who loved them, and so the Tidy Books business was born.

I designed the Tidy Books bookcase to work for children and to be practical, to enable them to explore their books independently.The alphabet on the bookcase was added so that children could learn while playing casually and gradually. Many Parents have told me how much kids love their books and how important they are.   The Tidy Books  bookcase displays  books to their full effect, giving them a central place in the home.








Since then Tidy Books has expanded, with more ideas including the Bunk Bed Buddy™ and the Tidy Box™, all designed to fulfil a practical need, look good and be a lasting addition to the family home.



I'm still a violin maker at heart, and I'm always inspired by children and their lives.  There are many more Tidy Books ideas in the pipeline.

I am always pleased to hear your feedback.You can reach me by Email:info (at) tidy-books (dot) com or by Tel/Fax: 00 44(0) 20 8520 4647

Enjoy books at the heart of your home!



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