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Tidy Books - the journey from us to you


Here’s Geraldine hard at work on one of her designs.

This is the cute little factory in China where Tidy Books products are made. By the way, it’s set in a conservation area.

We’re pretty eco-friendly here. We use FSC wood and a special low-toxic water lacquer that’s kind to our workers and to the environment.

All our products are flat-packed to cut fuel and packaging. Don’t worry – we’ve made them super-easy to put together.

Another happy little customer gets a Tidy Books bookcase. (Mum and dad were happy it was so quick to assemble!)

This is a real-life hand – it belongs to Cristina, who personalises Tidy Books products with colourful letters.


Everyone likes good deeds – and ours is giving a percentage of our profits to a children’s reading charity


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