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I like many of the values that are set out in their teaching approach– so much so that elements of the Montessori philosophy run through my designs.

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"As long as my children were safe, I felt it was important to let them explore and find out about the world in their own way. In that respect, I’m aligned to the Montessori way of teaching – allowing children the freedom to develop and to learn by ‘doing’ rather than being instructed on how to do something.

Take, for example, the Tidy Books Bookcase. Its front-facing shelves mean children can easily see their books and so can independently choose the one they want to read. And with the Bookcase’s 3D alphabet, kids can play and learn in their own time. All my Tidy Books designs work in a similar way to give children their own personal environment to work things out for themselves." Read more

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"The brightly coloured alphabet display encourages letter recognition...children can trace their fingers around the letters to practice...really easy to use, safe and lovely”. Practical Pre School Awards.

We have recently been Ofsted inspected and were advised to store our books in a more attractive way for the children to independently access them..... I have spent over a month trying to find a portable Bookcase which would be attractive to the children and easy to store and your tidy book box is just perfect!Teacher, Sam Cooper

The Tidy Bookcase is cleverly, yet simply designed, presenting the beautiful artwork of children’s books, with their front covers facing outwards. The design of the Bookcase encourages very young children to want put books away when they’ve finished reading them...” Montessori International (


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