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The story began with a confused 3 year old who couldn’t find her favourite book on the shelf and her tenacious mum.   

When 3 year old Adele hauled all her books off the shelf to check their covers, her mum, Geraldine understood that she needed a more helpful bookcase.

You might be surprised, but no such bookcase for kids existed back in 2004.  So, fuelled with coffee and a belief that bookcases made for kids should make sense to kids, Geraldine set to work late one night in her violin workshop.


Adele loved the bookcase Geraldine created.  Because it looked so different to what had gone before, the bookcase caused a bit of a stir. Geraldine’s friends began to ask, “Can you make me one?”  And Geraldine swapped her violins and her craft, for the strange waters of the business world armed with just £500 and her belief.

Ten years on, Geraldine’s belief has kept the Tidy Books business sailing.  There have been some tricky turns. Like the time when the lorry delivering pallets of bookcases to Geraldine’s home, blocked her small suburban street for hours.  Apart from annoying her neighbours, it was a sign that her idea was taking off. 


Geraldine’s belief; that designs for kids should be useful and beautiful (a nod to William Morris here) and that products should make perfect sense to the kids who use them, is the power behind her original designs.  

It’s her old-fashioned values which make Tidy Books different; doing business responsibly, with care for customers, quality, the producers and the earth.  There’s still a streak of craftsperson running through her.

Geraldine has always believed in the power of books to transform lives.

 As Tidy Books has grown, Geraldine and the team have been able to help other children improve their life chances through reading.  Tidy Books works in partnership with literacy charities Beanstalk in the UK and LitWorld in the US and the developing world.  Every purchase you make goes to help bring books and stories into a child’s life.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have a deep-down belief in the power of books. We like to think Tidy Books gives parents and kids the world over, the power to curl up with a book.



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