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Win a newly released children’s book: ‘Troll Wood’ by Kathryn Cave and Paul Hess

Win this beautiful children's book to fill your kid's bookcase with Tidy Book's  book review and competition

Nobody goes to Troll Wood. When one family decide to visit the dark and deserted Troll Wood, are they are stepping into danger?  Is anyone watching?  Why is it called Troll Wood?  And will you go with them?

This beautifully illustrated picture book is written by Kathryn Cave, author of ‘Something Else’ by, and is all about the unknown not being as scary as you might think.

You can win a copy of Troll Wood by telling us what your monster would look like.  To enter, leave a comment at the end.

troll wood

The family knows that no-one goes to Troll Wood; that the paths are lost and that no-one eats the fruit, heavy on the trees.  But they go anyway and explore, and enjoy its beauty and peace.  They are unaware of the trolls watching them.  They find the wild things (little rabbit like animals) and feed them and stroke them even though no-one else would. . When night falls, they stay in the wood with the trolls watching them still.  And in the morning they find the house in Troll Wood where no-one lives.  They decide to stay and fix the house, with the trolls smiling in the background.

There are lots of questions in this book?  Have you spotted the trolls?  Have the family noticed the trolls?  Would they be scared if they did? Have the trolls been waiting for someone to come along and live in the house?

The five year old enjoyed this book.  The rich illustrations invite a careful look and the five year old was good at pointing out the trolls and monsters peering through trees.  He thought the trolls looked friendly, and that he’d like to live in the house in Troll Wood.

I thought the book had a gentle, interesting feel:  The drawings are subtle – nothing is very scary or menacing, but if you look carefully, the tree trunks could be fingers, or the troll’s beard could be a waterfall.  The message is subtle too.  It becomes clear that the family is searching for a home, and finds one in a place that everyone else is scared of. Trolls Wood can also be simply enjoyed by children who will look out for trolls and discover they’re not all ogres.

Kathryn Cave was awarded a UNESCO prize for Children’s’ Literature in the Service of Tolerance for Something Else

The review and giveaway copies of Troll Wood have been kindly provided by publishers Frances Lincoln.

Troll Wood by Kathryn Cave and Paul Hess is published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, March 2013.

You can win a copy of Troll Wood by telling us what your monster would look like.  Leave your answer in the comment box below.  So we can notify the winner please confirm on our Facebook page that you have entered.  This competition is open to the US and UK.

Good luck!

36 thoughts on “Win a newly released children’s book: ‘Troll Wood’ by Kathryn Cave and Paul Hess”

  • Dorothee Archambault
    Dorothee Archambault February 27, 2013 at 10:42 am

    My monster would like like a morphing between a horse and a shark. with massive teeth

  • Sarka Baran

    My monster would be very colourful with lots of eyes ,trunk and many legs and arms.

  • Michelle Hemmingway
    Michelle Hemmingway February 27, 2013 at 11:04 am

    My monster would look like a normal person with only a tiny difference like a mark behind the ear because those are the scariest monsters.

  • Carmen haselup

    My monster would look like my old PE teacher but in tiny form, which would make her look much more menacing.

  • Eileen Teo

    my monster will be no teeth, hugh nose and rotten face.

  • Hayley Wells

    My monster would be big and furry, noisy and stinky so you would have plenty of warning to tell when he was around, and hide from him!

  • Mary @ over40andmumofone

    my monster would have purple hair and orange spots on its face with rather large ears

  • over40andamumofone

    my monster would have purple hair and orange spots on its face and would have rather large ears

  • katie walters

    he would be tall, have tentacles and 3 eyes

  • Nick Hopkins

    My monster would have 3 heads but only one neck. He would have 8 breasts, matted hair and half breath that could strip paint. He would wear a kipper tie and one pork pie hat. He would have four legs and a piggy tail.

  • katie walters

    he would be tall, have tentacles

  • Mcd Jess

    My monster would look like dracula, scary fangs, white face, evil eyes and wear black robe

  • gemma

    I monster would be a loveable friendly creature who gives big kisses and huges to everyone. He would be red with a big pink heart on his tummy

  • Karen Tolhurst

    My monster would look like a walking pile of autumn leaves, with orange, copper and gold patterns that swirled and changed, and sparkled in the sun. It would have tree trunk legs and make howling noises like the wind rushing through the leaves on a windy winters day.

  • jasmin bannister
    jasmin bannister February 27, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    My monster would be a small squidgy, slippery, blob that bounces along with one eye and a big grin and would pop out tentacles to tickle with :-)

  • simone t

    My monster would have teeth made of stones, hair made of flowing grass, and a nose shaped out of a knot of a tree.

  • HappyMomC

    My monster would be huge and cuddly, with big eyes and a toothless grin!

  • Candise Moore
    Candise Moore March 1, 2013 at 8:41 am

    As described by my 3 year old: it will be very big and furry and pink. It will have five eyes and two long feet. It will have a yellow nose like an elephant and a blue curly tail.

  • adeela

    my monster would have yellow eyes and red jagged teeth that glowed in the dark... his hair would be bright orange long and wavy.. it would have short legs and a small body with green slimy hands with thick slime dripping off... my monster would also have black oozy warts all over his face .....

  • Amanda Reeve

    My monster would have four heads on the end of four very long necks. He would hold a club & be as big as a tree. He would have eight legs, be covered in scales & before you could say "jammy dodgers" he would gobble you up. (Harry aged 6)

  • Becky Carpenter
    Becky Carpenter March 3, 2013 at 9:51 am

    My monster would look suspiciously like the 9 year old boy I have that would absolutely devour this book :)

  • Emma Grimsey

    My monster would be a big purple and orange fur ball, with a bright green horn on his head and a big red nose. He would have two tiny legs and two tiny arms. Everyone would be scared of him because of his enormous size but really he is very shy and timed, and extremely friendly =)

  • Tricia Clark

    My monster would be able to change its appearance because it would be camouflaged at all times. But when it needed a hug it would glow bright pink till it got a's a big softy really!

  • George Worboys Wright
    George Worboys Wright March 5, 2013 at 10:19 am

    My monster would be over tall and bony with sharp pointy features. Black eyes, long fingers & nails. It would move silently, whisper and constantly stare. :S

  • stacey hutchins
    stacey hutchins March 5, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    my monster is a little blue eye monster look sweet on inside but he is terroring our house walking around he is a 18 months year old monster

  • Lauren Morris
    Lauren Morris March 6, 2013 at 9:05 am

    My monster would be very furry and bright orange. He would have very big feet but very tiny toes so he is very clumsy! (My daughter Elspeth age 3)

  • esme

    My little boy says his monster would be big and scary like a dinosaur in his books, with gnashing teeth and big googly eyes!

  • Laura Thomas-griffiths

    My monster would, look like my baby sister Willow. She's dribbly, gurgley and smelly at times. An ideal little monster, she even torments us in the night with her roaring (crying) :) I love my little monster <3 Chloe (age 5)

  • Addison Kat

    My monster would be orange, round and polka dotted!

  • Addison Kat

    Orange, round and polka dotted

  • Lynn Neal

    My monster would be hairy and very green
    Eye glowing like fire and nose unclean
    Finger nails pointed and ever so mucky
    Tall as a house and if you are unlucky
    You will smell him from far away
    Depending on how the wind blows that day!

  • ezme

    my monster would look like a scaircrow!!! it would have sack for skin, bursting with straw and walk with a limp!

  • Jane Adams

    My monster would be a shadowy, lost and sad looking creature fashioned from fly tipped junk - a twisted bike frame, used paint tins, a broken chair and old clothes.

  • Lynn Sanders

    My monster would be very tall,
    He'd hide amongst the trees
    Scaring all the other animals
    from the squirrels to the bees.

    He'd have a loud, booming voice
    that made everyone shiver
    He seems very grumpy
    but likes to swim in the river!

  • Miranda Welle
    Miranda Welle March 6, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    My "monster" would like to be a unicorn! Sparkly and all!

  • Katherine Aitken
    Katherine Aitken March 6, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    My monster would be short, fat, with a wizened head and a few tufts of straggly red hair.

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