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WIN a Tidy Books Bookcase with Beanstalk!

Beanstalk needs more reading helpers just like you.  Could you give a child one to one attention and help them catch up with their reading?  If you are already a Beanstalk reading helper or would like to become one, you could win a Tidy Books Bookcase!  Imagine donating a Tidy Books bookcase to your school!

Beanstalk, national literacy charity, is holding a Day of Action on Thursday 23rd April to find more people like you to become a volunteer reading helper.   Beanstalk reading helpers help primary school children who have fallen behind with their reading, giving them one to one attention, heaps of praise and make reading fun.   You can join them, and make a lasting difference to a child's life.

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And if you register your interest, you can win a gorgeous Tidy Books Bookcase for the school of your choice.  Tidy Books competition is open to anyone who is already a Beanstalk reading helper, or anyone who signs up to find out about becoming a reading helper.   Imagine donating an award winning Tidy Books bookcase to your school!

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Here's what people have said about Tidy Books, and how our bookcases help get kids loving books.

"I was so happy to find the Tidy Books bookcase for my little boy. Prior to that all his books felt inaccessible because the spines were so thin. Now he sees the pictures and titles as they were meant to be seen and proactively chooses for himself the stories he wants to read. It makes his room colourful and more importantly, encourages him to learn. " Lisa 

The competition is easy to enter.  See more below.

Here at Tidy Books, we want to get kids reading too, and we're proud to partner Beanstalk.  Every time you purchase a Tidy Books product, we give a percentage of the sale price to Beanstalk.

As a Day of Action special, we're offering 20% OFF Tidy Books products for every Beanstalk school and registered reading helper.   See your Beanstalk newsletter for your money off code.


How to enter to Win a Tidy Books Bookcase for your Beanstalk school.

1. Login into our app below with your email or Facebook account

2. Click 'Join the Tidy Books mailing list' . This will register your interest in becoming a Beanstalk reading helper. Beanstalk will contact you with more details.

3. Click the bonus options on the app for extra chances of winning.

Follow the same method if you're already a Beanstalk helper to enter.  

We're looking forward welcoming lots more reading helpers!


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