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Win!!! Three newly published pre-school books from My Little Big Town

WIN!!! A set three of pre-school books from My Little Big Town.  Monster additions to your children's bookcase with Tidy Book's book review and competition. You can win your child a set of three new pre-school books to help them learn numbers and colours. We have 3 sets to giveaway!!

The Monster Book of


These books are aimed at children aged between two and four years-old, and are designed to help with their number and colour recognition as well as their language.

They are all published by My Little Big Town, who aim to produce books that children want to read, rather than books us parents like to force upon them.

All the books are illustrated by the publisher's founder, Calvin Innes and Where's The Scone? is written by Beth Dexter-Smith.

All you need to do to enter is tell us what you'd demand to be called if you were a monster?

But before you give yourself a great chance to win a set of books have a read of what we made of Where's The Scone by Beth Dexter-Smith.

Where's The Scone?


Where's The Scone? is a book I wish I had when my boy was younger.It's colourful, the language and rhyming text used is brilliant fun, we'd have been laughing ourselves to sleep, and learning all at the same time.The creatures featured in the book are more unusual than those predominantly featured in children's books, but without being obscure.  

This would have extended my child's understanding of the animal world as well as learning his numbers all at the same time.This is definitely a book we'd have developed fond memories of, and is one I am sure would have been well worn.

Due to it's nature it would be a book I think a child would return to again and again, and as their understanding and ability expands at that critical age, so too would their use this excellent book.  They'd end up reading more of it themselves as they neared school age.

Where's The Scone Example


Helen is an early years foundation stage leader. She’s responsible for the education of over 150 three to six-year-olds. Helen has over a decade’s experience in early years learning, and this is what she thinks of Where's The Scone? by Beth Dexter-Smith.“I love this book, and love how you can use it to focus on many different elements of learning and understanding”

“Many counting books escalate rather than progress in a countdown manner like this one.  Meaning children often understand one more, but struggle with the concept of one fewer, this book would naturally help a child understand both.”

“The colours are wonderful, and then contrasts between creatures and backgrounds make them very prominent and easy for a little mind to identify and count.”

“The creatures themselves are much more interesting than the boring ones regularly featured in pre-school books.”

“The book's lowercase text also ables a child to read the book themselves, or at least recognise words or letter sounds they have learnt.  The rhyming element is fun, and again re-enforces sounds to recognise”

“There's the added bonus of the children having little tasks at the end of the book, like find this or that, and I can imagine many of my children being eager to engage with the book in this way.”

"The book's size means it would be excellent for reading one-on-one or in small groups, but I'd like to see a bigger version to read to the whole class."

So that's what we made of Where's The Scone? and we have three copies of it to giveaway.

Also included in the giveaway sets are two books from The Monster Book Of series.  These are colourful books aimed to help children with their numbers, colours, shapes, ABCs and textures.

To be in with a chance to win a set of three books, simply leave a comment telling us what you'd be called if you were a monster.


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