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WIN!!! A personalised book for your child

WIN!!! A personalised storybook for your child.  A very personal addition to your children's bookcase with Tidy Book's book review and competition

You can win your child a personalised storybook from

This is brand new family initiative brought to you by three enthusiastic and creative fathers.  Their dream was to take the idea of a personalised book, and do it better than ever before.

There are stories for both boys and girls.  Over 150 fabulous illustrations have been created to make it possible to make stories for children of any name with The Little Boy Who Lost His Name and The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name books.

All you need to do to enter is tell us an animal that starts with the same letter as your first initial.  You can tell us why you’ve chosen it or what characteristics you share with it if you like. 

One lucky winner will be chosen and then be able to order a personalised book for their little treasure to celebrate their name forever.



My boy, now 8-years-old, got some personalised books when he was much younger.  I think they were presents from friends, possibly for his Christening.  I can remember reading them and thinking they were a little ‘forced’ and it was obvious that they were personalised books.

You know, when you’re reading and it’s clear that there is a generic story, and they’ve just stuck a name in the same place they do for everyone else, not very personal at all actually.

So when we got examples of these books from I was a little sceptical, and feared getting the same.  But I must say I could pick a few faults with them, that they are most definitely personal and something I think any child – or parent – would cherish.

They are centred upon a child waking one day and losing their name.  They then go on an adventure to see if they can find it again, and a series of chance meetings with wonderfully illustrated animals sees them all contributing to reveal the child’s name once more.

As the story is dictated by your child’s name, there’s a real authentic feel to the personalisation of these books.  Each story will be different, some will share the same illustrations, but probably not in the same order, so the books do feel unique to the recipient.

The illustrations are warm and fun and the layout of the text compliments them beautifully.

Most of the story rhymes, and I’d say it does then feel a tiny bit odd when you read parts that don’t.  But this doesn’t detract from these being the best personalised children’s books I’ve laid my hands on.



Helen is an early years foundation stage leader. She’s responsible for the education of over 150 three to six-year-olds. Helen has over a decade’s experience in early years learning, and this is what she thinks of the books

"Not only are these books an excellent learning aid for a child, they are also a very good way of celebrating a child’s name and making them feel special.”

“These are books that would suit three to five-year-olds, but you’d keep them forever.  I’m sure if someone had bought me one as a child, I’d still be occasionally reading it now, in my thirties!”

“The illustrations are fun and engaging, and if I was reading one of these books to a group I would encourage them to use magnetic letters or start building the name the book was illustrating as we were reading through it.”

"There are a few things I’d add to the books if I could, like if the child’s name could eventually be spelled out via all the beautifully illustrated letters the child had collected, that would make the books even better and the focus on the child’s name greater.”

“The story is very strong, and for that reason I think the text has no need to rhyme, and when it then doesn’t in parts it could leave a reader losing their flow and double-checking they'd read them correctly.”

For your chance to win a book from tell us an animal that starts with the same letter as your first initial.  You can even tell us why you’ve chosen it or what characteristics you share with it if you like.


96 thoughts on “WIN!!! A personalised book for your child”

  • Frances hopkins
    Frances hopkins April 5, 2013 at 11:38 am

    A fox

  • Aoife johns


  • karen Martin

    Koala :-)

  • shea

    S - Shea - Snake.

    I love the snake as it's laid back, fierce when it needs to be, and loves the shade (just like me!)

  • Donna Duff

    An animal that starts with my initial is a deer. I've chosen this as I have 6 kids and I hold them all Dear, but I also see the deer as a kind, gentle but firm animal who will protect her family at whatever cost. It also means I constantly have to be thinking ... of answers to hundreds of questions thrown at me, of what is happening on a daily basis and what the kids will do next.

    Kind regards
    Take care

  • shea

    S- Shea- Snake, for their love of the shade!

    (sorry, didn't apparently go through 1st time)

  • nat eveleigh

    an animal beginning with n.......a nag!! I also nag my husband a lot!!

  • Emma Grimsey

    Egyptian Mau - an ancient breed of Egyptian cat. I have chosen this animal because I absolutely adore cats, they are loyal, loving and beautiful creatures. This breed also has a kind of leopard print and I have a slight leopard print obsession =)

  • Emma B

    Elephant - My hubby says I look like one when I bend down ;)

  • adeela

    ANT- im always scurrying around my children :-)

  • Hayley

    Hayley the I often feel like one!! However my little boy is William...William the Wallaby as he is always jumping all over the place! X

  • Annalise ONeill
    Annalise ONeill April 5, 2013 at 11:54 am

    Antelope :o)

  • Mahala

    hmnnn .... Moon Jellyfish ..chosen because my children have always been fascinated with the moon (known as Luna in this house)

  • Louise O'Reilly
    Louise O'Reilly April 5, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    My daughters name is Caitlin so the animal would definitely have to be a Chinchilla! We have two Chinchillas who are nearly 16 years old! My daughter loves watching them run around and have a sand bath!

  • Melanie King

    Melanie.... The Manatee.
    Because when I sing underwater I sound amazing!
    Manatee's live in and around the Caribbean.....whoo-hoo, lets go!

  • Julia Plant


  • sarah bavington-smith
    sarah bavington-smith April 5, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    Sloth, at 32 weeks with my second I feel tired and slow lol.
    My daughter, Melissa would be Monkey, because she's cheeky! x

  • Maria Jane Knight
    Maria Jane Knight April 5, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    marmoset monkey - cute,small,a little bit territorial and very protective over her baby!

  • Vanessa Witt

    Vulture! I feel like one when Im picking at the kids plates once they've finished their dinners haha!

  • Leanne

    A lemur if they all look like this...

  • stacey hutchins
    stacey hutchins April 5, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Spectacled Bear - good at giving hugs and giving love to their babies my son is my little bear and very protective over my son and i am big soft and cuddle i am very clever and use my skill to look after my family

  • Sam

    Starfish - I'm always hungry and a starfish has two stomachs so that would do nicely.

  • Penny H

    P for penguin, I like the way they cuddle up to their little ones and shelter them.

  • stacey hutchins
    stacey hutchins April 5, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    i would be a Spectacled Bear because i am give good bear hugs and i am loving and care about my family and and protective over my son and i use my skills to look after my family i love amazon forest and i love being alone i love being feel cuddly soft and i love bear my son loves bear and he calls me a bear

    my son jack would be a Jack Russel for the simple reason he loves dogs and he is Intelligent athletic and fearless and love being outdoors and he loves being social

  • Falon Miller

    I choose Falcon for a couple of reasons - 1. Everyone thinks that what my name is when the read it despite it not having a 'c' in it! 2.They are one of the fastest moving creatures on earth which is rather like me rushing around all the time!

  • Amanda Stauffer
    Amanda Stauffer April 5, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Alpaca because they are so soft and sweet, just like me :)

  • Tina

    Tiger. Because I am always protecting my cubs. ( children)

  • Tina K

    A. Tiger

  • Lynsey Buchanan
    Lynsey Buchanan April 5, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Jackal - Fast as lighting, lots if energy

  • adele knight


  • Claire O' Prey
    Claire O' Prey April 5, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    A Cat because they are loving and friendly, just like me :) and cause i have a cat called Gizmo :)

  • Tricia Clark


  • Mel Daniels

    A monkey... which sums up my little girl rather than me!

  • Emma Carter

    An eagle - because I value my freedom and independence (which an eagle is the symbol of in many places). I also have pretty good eyesight and can swoop pretty quickly should I need to, handy when you have 2 young children!

  • deborah godbolt
    deborah godbolt April 5, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    gentle soft caring

  • Helen

    Hippo - because I'm the size of one after having my daughter!

  • George Worboys Wright
    George Worboys Wright April 5, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    Giraffe because I need to wind my neck in ;)

  • Sarah Bull

    An animal not from my first initial, but from my surname :) I am fiercly protective, but can charge when needed and under pressure- normally to my credit card though!!

  • Hayley

    Hyena - I have an unstoppable giggle :-)

  • Jacqueline Donnelly
    Jacqueline Donnelly April 5, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    My daughter would be Rachael the Raccoon because she is curious, inquisitive and into everything

  • Adele Baxter

    I'll go for Alligator because my daughter loves going snap snap for them x

  • Virginia

    For my daughter I'd select the Mink (her name is Micky) because she is so precious to us.

  • Virginia

    For my daughter Micky I'd select the Mink, because like their fur, she is precious.

  • Laura Murphy

    Laura: L = Labrador
    Like a Labrador I am well-balanced, friendly & versatile, I am able to adapt to a wide range of functions ( I am a mum after all!).
    I am even-tempered and well behaved around young children & the elderly!
    As a special needs teaching assistant I too am frequently trained to aid children with special needs.

  • Simone Muir

    Spider - because I'm absolutely terrified of them but am trying very hard to overcome my fear so that our little lady doesn't catch it too!

  • sarah foran

    sea-lion love them friendly and clever like me, haha ( and my kids love them)

  • elisa

    Elephant I am tall but gentle an scared of mice:)

  • Jemma

    It would have to be a jellyfish as my son is obsessed with Octonauts so everything has to be about sea creatures.

  • Sarah

    H for Hippopotamus

  • Debbie Burfoot
    Debbie Burfoot April 9, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    D for dog ..full of unconditional love

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