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Win! New Children's book 'Eddie and Dog' by Alison Brown

WIN! A deliciously funny book to fill up your children's bookcase with Tidy Book's book review and competition.


You can win a copy of 'Eddie and Dog' by Alison Brown, as part of Tidy Books' partnership with Little Tiger Books' reading campaign this summer; Reading Rocks. We will be giving away a Little Tiger picture book each week, for 5 weeks to help you get your little ones get the bookbug!


You can win a copy of Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown.  To enter, leave a comment at the end and tell us who or what your child likes to bring home.


eddie and dog

Meet Dog; a brilliant friend with all the daring of 'Milk Tray Man' and the instincts of a homing pigeon!  Meet Eddie, a boy ready for adventures and looking for a friend to share them with.


Eddie and Dog first meet each other in the baggage claim area of the airport, and have brilliant adventures together all day.  When they get home, Eddie's mum, says Dog can't stay with Eddie because they don't have a garden, and she finds him another home which she thinks Dog will be happy in.  The dog clearly doesn't agree, as next day, he comes zooming back on his motorbike!  Repeat until Dog finally comes up with a plan that even Eddie's mum can't say no to!


Eddie and Dog caused lots of giggles in our house; the five year old and the nine year old read it together, loving the way that Dog kept reappearing in ever more outlandish ways.  They were possibly hoping that Mum would let them keep a pet too.  This is a brilliant book for ages 3-7 with lots of surprises and humour., keeping them guessing till the end.


In an interview with blogger The Little Wooden Horse, author Alison Brown said that she was inspired to write Eddie and Dog in an airport terminal and seeing how intently people watched the baggage carousel as if something truly exciting was coming through!


See Alison Brown reading Eddie and Dog in this video.

Eddie and Dog is published by Little Tiger Press who have kindly provided the review copy and a prize copy.


You can win a copy of Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown.  To enter, leave a comment at the end and tell us who or what your child likes to bring home.


Leave your answer in the comment box below.  So we can notify the winner please confirm on our Facebook page that you have entered.  This competition is open to the US and UK.  Please note that if you are a winner, the prize will not be dispatched until August (exact date tbc) due to publishing schedules.

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