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Win!!! Are The Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? by Julie Middleton

Win a fabulous new children's book for your children’s bookcase

We have a copy of Are The Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? by Julie Middleton to give away.

For a chance of winning a copy, simply leave a comment below telling us if you could bring a dinosaur back to life, which one you'd choose and why?

Here at Tidy Books we do try to aid your searches for excellent books to keep on your Tidy Books childrens bookcases.

So, have we found another one?

Are The Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? by Julie Middleton and illustrated by Russell Ayto is out now, and is a story about an inquisitive boy and his dad on a trip to a dinosaur museum.

All is not what it seems in the museum, and Dave (the child in the book) interacts with the dinosaurs, and is unsure that they aren't responding to him.


We read this book at bed time, and my seven year old loved the illustrations.  Dinosaurs have long been a favourite of his, and this book even had a few he'd never heard of.

I actually thought the first couple of dinosaur names were made up ones, then I came to the more familiar varieties of diplodocus - my personal favourite - and the T-Rex, before I realised by dino trivia is perhaps not it as good as it could be.

A father and son story is always going to appeal to us, and this one prompted us to draw comparisons with our own visits to museums.  Whenever we get chance we do like to pop to the Natural History Museum, and its dinosaur exhibit is one of our favourites.  It was nice that this book prompted us to recall some of our visits there.

The pattern of the book is good, and you can play along with the text a little.  Dramatising parts when the dinosaurs make noises and things like that.  It was also fun reading each of the little signs that are cutely drawn on each of the dinosaur exhibit pages.  Our favourite was the one that it looked like a dinosaur had taken a bite out of it!

The story also begs the question if the child is getting lost in his imagination, or indeed if it takes longer for his dad to get lost in his.  But I won't spoil it by going too deep into my explanation of why.


Helen is a nursery and reception leader, responsible for the education of over 150 three to six year-olds.  She has 11 years, and counting, experience in early years education.  And this is what she thought of Are The Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?

“My favourite thing about this book are it's lovely illustrations.  I think children will love them.”

“The impressions, or when the dad mimics the poses of some of the dinosaurs are funny, and it's good that each plinth the dinosaurs are stood on explain how to actually pronounce their names.  I'm usually useless with dinosaur names.”

“Children will like the simple story line, and the fact that they can come up with what happens next, once the book has finished.”

“There are also plenty of opportunities for kids to interact with you if you were reading this book to them as a group.”

So, all in all, a hit with an early years teacher, a seven-year-old boy and his parent.  Be good to read what anyone else thinks of it.

You can find out more about Are The Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? on the Random House website and Zoe over at Playing by the Book explains how the book can inspire dinosaur related play.


To be the lucky winner of Are The Dinosaurs Dead Dad, by Julie Middleton, just tell us one thing...............

If you could, which dinosaur would you bring back to life and why? 

So we can notify the winner please confirm on our Facebook page that you have entered.

Good luck!

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