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Win!! Three new children's books from the Tiny Twisted Tales series

WIN!!! Three new children’s books. to fill your children's bookcase with Tidy Book's  book review and competition

You can win the first trio from the Tiny Twisted Tales series by Calvin Innes.

Stuart The Bug Eating Man, Pale Henry and Jenny are the first three books from the Tiny Twisted Tales series illustrated and written by the vastly talented Innes.

We have a set of all three books to giveaway, all you need to do to enter our giveaway is leave a comment saying which bug you think would be most delicious or disgusting to eat!

But we’d also like to tell you what we made of them.

The first three Tiny Twisted Tales The first three Tiny Twisted Tales books


The stories have a reading age of seven, but will appeal to children a little younger than that as well as those who remain fond of the wonderfully strange and disgusting.

They certainly appealed to my eight-year-old boy, and he was excited to get stuck into them. And rather than listen to me read to him, he was keener to read them himself, or to an audience.I wish he was like that with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, how I hate Greg Heffley.

We started our reading with Pale Henry, which is a rhyming story about a boy that, fearing ridicule and the sun, spends his days withdrawn in his spooky loft room.

He battles his shyness and eventually braves the outside and other children. Without ruining it, the short story is a lovely uplifting one, it’s a very easy and entertaining read, and basically carries the very important message that while fitting in with the crowd has it’s place, that it’s totally okay to be yourself, as weird as that is deemed to be.

The other stories from the series are of a similar vein, don’t write people off for being different and that appearances can be deceptive. Not breathtaking different to what other children’s books have tried to instil in the young reader but certainly done in a bang up-to-date and incredibly refreshing way.

Having the illustrations in black and white carried in between typewriter-like rhyming text is a blend that works very well for these books and stories. Quirky and just a little bit eerie and sinister when the stories need it to be.

More books are planned in the series, and we look forward to getting them.

Example pages from Pale Henry Example pages from Pale Henry


Helen is an early years foundation stage leader. She’s responsible for the education and care of over 150 three to six-year-olds. Helen has over a decade’s experience in early years learning, and this is what she thinks of the Tiny Twisted Tales series.

"They are clearly written for children to read themselves, which means those a little older, say from eight, will love them."

"Definitely will have appeal to boys. With elements of fun, humour and grime."

"The books flow really, really well. And as they rhyme, children will know the sounds they are looking for, making them even easier to read fluidly."

"I love the black and white illustrations. They compliment the text rather than distract you from it, like they can in other books."

So to be in with a chance to win these books simply leave us a comment saying which bug you think would be most delicious or disgusting to eat!

The books are published by Yorkshire based independent My Little Big Town, which is a publishing house created by author and illustrator Calvin Innes, who you can also follow Calvin Innes on Twitter.

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