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Win!!! A Brand New Children's Book. Yeti and the Bird by Nadia Shireen

WIN!!!  A wonderful addition to your children's bookcase with this Tidy Book's book review and competition post. You can win your child a copy of Nadia Shireen's brand new book, Yeti and the Bird.  A new story book from the author of Good Little Wolf and Hey, Presto.  We have TEN (yes, that's 10) brand spanking new copies to giveaway!!

Yeti and the Bird

Nadia Shireen is someone we've featured before.  We reviewed and ran a giveaway for her last book, Hey, Presto! So we were very keen to get our hands on her latest offering, and will be giving you a great chance to do the same.

After spending ten years working in magazine journalism, Nadia embarked along a path of a true passion, creating children's books.  Armed with a masters in Children's Book Illustration from Cambridge University there's been little looking back since.

Nadia's style is wonderfully child-friendly and she aims to make the reader laugh out-loud with her stories.

This latest book, Yeti and the Bird is a tale about an unlikely friendship, and perhaps teaches children that not everything, or everybody, that appears scary is actually all that daunting.

Set in a wintery landscape, the mysterious Yeti sets about discovering if they are indeed alone, or if everyone is just frightened of them.  Little lost Bird helps Yeti find the answers.

Can you think of an unlikely friendship? What creatures would you think could actually make good pairs?  All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning a copy of the book, is to tell us about your idea for an unlikely friendship?

But before you give yourself a great chance of winning a copy of the book have a read of what we made of Yeti and the Bird by Nadia Shireen.

Are all Yetis lonely?


We still have our review copy of Hey, Presto! by Nadia Shireen on our Tidy Books bookcase.  The characters, and the story, are really good fun in that book, so we were looking for more of the same from Yeti and the Bird.

The author, Nadia Shireen's Twitter account says that the book is aimed at kids '7ish', so my 8 year-old boy is ripe target market.

He loved reading the book himself, expressing that the Yeti isn't really all that scary, he loved looking at the illustrations and that the story is 'nice' because it's all about friendship.

I totally agree with him, and couldn't put it better myself (even though technically I'm paraphrasing him, so those are actually my words, errr, moving on).

Like in her previous works the drawings are delightful, and warming.  The sort that you feel like you are getting a hug as you enjoy looking at them.  It's very difficult not to smile as you are reading your way through this book.

I can remember stories of monsters, abominable snowmen and yetis from my own childhood.  My recall of them is of tales that were full of mystery, and ultimately aimed to scare a little.

And while the main character in this story is Yeti, that isn't at all how this particular tale comes across or what it achieves.

It's heart-warming, and teaches that friendship can be found in the unlikeliest of places and combinations.  Perhaps promoting children to not always jump to conclusions, or base their opinion on that of others.  Plus, it is very funny.

I giggled at the scene as the bird arrives in the story.  So I guess I must be target audience age too!


Helen is an early years foundation stage leader. She’s responsible for the education of over 150 three to six year-olds. Helen has over a decade’s experience in early years learning, and this is what she thinks of What If....? by Anthony Browne.

“This is great story for enforcing the principle of it how it doesn't matter what you look like, you can be what you want to be.”

“It's a great title to explore the old adage to not judge a book by its cover, as in the Yeti may appear scary and huge, but really is a kind and humble creature.”

“This is also fantastic for little ones to show you don't need to be big to be brave.  The little bird could be an excellent model of brave behaviour for them.”

“I would use this book and story as a tool to engage children to talk about feelings.  How do you think the Yeti feels to have no friends? What did the bird feel like when they got lost? Does it feel good when friends leave or arrive?”

"The text is really nice too.  And my favourite part is that - without spoiling it - the opening and ending passages are very similar in sound and structure.  Using the same sentence, but with a warming and subtle addition in conclusion."

So that's what we made of Yeti and the Bird by Nadia Shireen, and we have a wonderful giveaway for you to enter.

We have TEN copies of Yeti and the Bird to giveaway.  All you have to be in with a chance of winning one is to tell us about your idea for an unlikely friendship.  What creatures do you think could actually make great chums?


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