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Win!!! A New Children's Book: Dear Zoo Spin and Say by Rod Campbell

WIN!!!  A wonderful addition to your children's bookcase with this Tidy Book's book review and competition post. You can win your child a copy of Rod Cambell's brand new book, Dear Zoo Spin and Say.  A book based on the incredibly successful and original Dear Zoo. We have 3 brand new copies to giveaway!!

Dear Zoo Spin and Say

From the best-selling children's author, Rod Campbell, comes this brand new interactive children's  book.   We're back at the zoo the author previously made famous and this time we aren't looking for a pet, this time we are looking to learn.

The original Dear Zoo picture book has sold over 5 million copies and will be familiar to many children and families.  It tells a story of how a child keeps sending animals back to the zoo before they settle on the perfect pet.  It's a flap book that has kept many millions of children entertained.

This book is a follow on from Dear Zoo, and again is an interactive book for pre-readers to get stuck in to.  It's a 'Spin and Say' book where many of the original Dear Zoo's characters return and feature against two spinners.

The book asks questions like 'How many?' and 'What are we called?' and the children can dial the spinners around to the right answers.

All you need to do to enter is give to tell us what animal you think would make the perfect pet?

But before you give yourself a great chance of winning a copy of the book have a read of what we made of Dear Zoo Spin and Say.
A much loved copy of the original Dear Zoo!


I didn't have to look far to find our much cherished copy of Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.  It was neatly archived amongst all the other pre-reader books that we can't bear to be parted with.  And was very prominent - like all books are - on our Tidy Books bookcase when my son was learning to get to grips with reading.

He loved the interactive flaps of the original book, which were fairly sturdy, but were well worn as I'm sure that are in the other 5 million copies in existence.  This book, Dear Zoo Spin and Say has been made with two very sturdy spinners.  Which I'm sure would be even better prepared to stand the long term handling of young and soft, but unforgiving, hands.

Knowing the Dear Zoo story helps with this book, and it probably works best as an accompaniment rather than as a stand alone children's book.  The text and illustrations are still charming, and the book encourages children to interact with them, as well as perhaps prompting the reader to think a little more of pets and animals away from the book.

We have hundreds of books that we read in the pre-reader era, but I don't recall one that featured a spinner so well.  Whether it is you turning the spinner to ask the child a question, or the child turning the spinner to answer another or ask one of their own, it works terrifically.
Dear Zoo Spin and Say example page


Helen is an early years foundation stage leader. She’s responsible for the education of over 150 three to six year-olds. Helen has over a decade’s experience in early years learning, and this is what she thinks of Dear Zoo Spin and Say by Rod Campbell.

“If you are familiar with Dear Zoo, which quite frankly who isn't, then you'll understand and be intrigued by this book straight away”

“The dials give it a certain something extra, another way to get a child to engage with concepts and learning words enjoyably”

“Some of the pages and questions would work very well with one-on-one reading, like when there's a lot of animals and information on the page when asking How many?  But there are others that bode well if you were addressing a group or a class on a topic.  It would be perfect for pets where the book not only encourages children to identify animals but to also come up with names for them.”

“The use of repetition in the book is great, as our the opportunities it gives children to learn about practising alliteration and rhyming words.”

So that's what we made of Dear Zoo Spin and Say and we have three copies of it to giveaway.

To be in with a chance to win a copy, simply leave a comment telling us what animal you think would make the perfect pet?  Don't worry, we won't be sending you one with the book!

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