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WIN! Charlie Higson's The Hunted. New kids book review

WIN a wonderful addition to your children's bookcase with Tidy Books' kids book review and competition. You can win your child a copy of Charlie Higson's The Hunted, the latest book in the bestselling series. 

What could be better?  A kid's book that parents want to read too, in their own time, after bedtime.

The 10 year old and I were massively looking forward to the 6th installment of Charlie Higson's bestselling zombie Enemy series, The Hunted.  As the story begins, Ella finds herself alone in unknown territory.  She was one of a group who left London looking for safety in the countryside, but the sickos - the diseased and bloodthirsty grown ups - have attacked, and Ella, the last survivor finds herself surrounded by zombies.  Until she's rescued by a sicko.

The zombie turns out to be 15 year old Malik, who's so badly scarred and traumatised he resembles a sicko, but somehow he's been able to fight off the disease, and has been surviving alone in the countryside.  Ella and Malik's growing friendship is a real highlight of the book - the pace slows down and we explore their characters, getting insight and depth.

When the other kids turn up - a rescue party who've travelled from London, the pace picks up, and the fighting and gore resumes as the zombies seem to be heading, unsteadily,  for the capital.  The bickering increases too, as more kids arrive, which is probably realistic, but can get tiresome, and the characters aren't as well rounded. .

In The Hunted, we learn that some grown ups have survived the disease, and that kids in towns outside London have survived in various ways: the kids from Maidenhead have got religion, Windsor kids are aping royalty and the Slough kids are tough but obnoxious.  Perhaps with just a bit of stereotyping!

The 10 year old reckons The Hunted was his favourite of the Enemy books so far.  It's a real page turner, and properly scary, with plenty of zombie limbs falling off and maggots to please young fans of (children's) horror.  It's fun and gripping enough to make you want to read it in one or two sittings. The Hunted is suitable for proficient readers, age 9 and up.  If your child is a fan of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings,  Darren Shah's ZomB series, Skulduggery or The Hunger Games, then the Enemy series is definitely one to try. The Hunted builds us up to the finale of the Enemy series and we're expecting a spectacular showdown with the diseased adults in the next and final book of the series.

I enjoyed being able to connect with my growing-up-fast child, over a book, and chat about it over breakfast.

Four Colman Getty kindly provided copies of The Hunted by Charlie Higson, published by Penguin August 2014

It's easy to enter our giveaway! To win a copy, tell us the name of your favourite horror movie or book by leaving a comment and by liking the Tidy Books Facebook page on our app below.  If you'd like to have a greater chance of winning, earn extra entries by using the app by joining our Newsletter, following us on Pinterest or Tweeting about the giveaway and other extra entry options.

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