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Tidy Books win 'Most Innovating Business' Award

Here is some great news to round up 2012 for Tidy Books, we have been awarded 'Most Innovating Business' by the 2012 London ERDF Awards!


tb business 2


The Awards showcase the talents, skills and employment-related achievements of individuals and businesses benefiting from ESF and ERDF across London.
The 5 ESF awarded categories were:

  • Young Learner / Participant of the Year (14-19 years)
  • Adult Learner/ Participant of the Year (20+ years)
  • Outstanding Achiever of the Year
  • Progression onto an Apprenticeship
  • Outstanding Mentor / Tutor /Employment Advisor of the Year


The 4 ERDF awarded categories were:

  • Greenest Business
  • Most Innovating Business
  • Outstanding Business Growth
  • Project Manager of the Year


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