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  • Get sorted for Christmas...

    Yes, I’ve done it – I’ve mentioned the ‘C’ word and it’s still only October! I’m sorry if I seem a little premature but I’ve got two very good reasons for talking about you-know-what now.

    Firstly, I’ve just designed a new product that I think will make a perfect Christmas gift. It’s called The Sorting Box and it’s for children to store all their little toys and games. Now you might already have a storage box at home, and when your kids have finished playing they probably just chuck everything into it higgledy-piggledy and jumbled together.

    The Tidy Books Sorting Box

    Well this box is different. It’s got three different compartments so kids can put their things away in a neat and tidy order. They could use one compartment for all their trains and another for cars, or use the compartments to separate different Lego colours. When they next come to play, they won’t have to delve around in the storage box trying to find what they’re looking for.

    It’s a good way to give your kids ownership of their toys and build up their independence – with everything nicely sorted, they’re less likely to get frustrated and ask you to track down missing toys!

    The Sorting Box is great for younger kids, too. When you’re helping them to put away their toys, you can turn it into a learning game to teach them about different colours, shapes and sizes.

    I’ve designed the box so it won’t look out of place in any room of your house – in fact, you might want one for organising your own things! It comes in soft grey, dark grey, soft white and natural.

    So – what’s the second reason I’m talking about Christmas now? Well, the Sorting Box is currently available for pre-sale – which means if you order it now it will be delivered in time for Christmas. It’s something different to give as a present – but also very handy to have in your house for all those toys Santa will be bringing the kids!

    * The Sorting Box is suitable for children aged 3+ and costs £59 + £12 per lid (you can stack two boxes on top of each other, with one top lid). To pre-order yours head to our website


  • Geraldine's Live Below the Line campaign to help end hunger

    Could you live on £1 a day for 5 days?  Sounds tough, but that's just what Tidy Books' CEO Geraldine will be doing next week to raise money for The Hunger Project.   Geraldine will be sponsored for spending just £1 each day on all her food and drink for 5 days from Mon 27th April until Fri 1st May as part of the Live Below the Line campaign.

    geraldine grandidier baby nutrition square

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  • WIN a Tidy Books Bookcase with Beanstalk!

    Beanstalk needs more reading helpers just like you.  Could you give a child one to one attention and help them catch up with their reading?  If you are already a Beanstalk reading helper or would like to become one, you could win a Tidy Books Bookcase!  Imagine donating a Tidy Books bookcase to your school!

    Beanstalk, national literacy charity, is holding a Day of Action on Thursday 23rd April to find more people like you to become a volunteer reading helper.   Beanstalk reading helpers help primary school children who have fallen behind with their reading, giving them one to one attention, heaps of praise and make reading fun.   You can join them, and make a lasting difference to a child's life.

    bean 4Word use LOW resBEANSTALK_LOGO_S_CYAN (1)

    And if you register your interest, you can win a gorgeous Tidy Books Bookcase for the school of your choice.  Tidy Books competition is open to anyone who is already a Beanstalk reading helper, or anyone who signs up to find out about becoming a reading helper.   Imagine donating an award winning Tidy Books bookcase to your school!

    IMG_7304k  IMG_0333-1024x853

    Here's what people have said about Tidy Books, and how our bookcases help get kids loving books.

    "I was so happy to find the Tidy Books bookcase for my little boy. Prior to that all his books felt inaccessible because the spines were so thin. Now he sees the pictures and titles as they were meant to be seen and proactively chooses for himself the stories he wants to read. It makes his room colourful and more importantly, encourages him to learn. " Lisa 

    The competition is easy to enter.  See more below.

    Here at Tidy Books, we want to get kids reading too, and we're proud to partner Beanstalk.  Every time you purchase a Tidy Books product, we give a percentage of the sale price to Beanstalk.

    As a Day of Action special, we're offering 20% OFF Tidy Books products for every Beanstalk school and registered reading helper.   See your Beanstalk newsletter for your money off code.


    How to enter to Win a Tidy Books Bookcase for your Beanstalk school.

    1. Login into our app below with your email or Facebook account

    2. Click 'Join the Tidy Books mailing list' . This will register your interest in becoming a Beanstalk reading helper. Beanstalk will contact you with more details.

    3. Click the bonus options on the app for extra chances of winning.

    Follow the same method if you're already a Beanstalk helper to enter.  

    We're looking forward welcoming lots more reading helpers!


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  • GIVE A BOOK for Book Giving Day

    You can celebrate International Book Giving Day this Saturday 14th February in lots of different ways:  Leave a book in a waiting room for a child to find, give a book to your local playgroup, or get involved with charity, Give a Book which helps encourage disadvantaged children to build their love of reading.

    Adeela Khan of Give a Book explains what they do.  Read on to see how you can get kids reading.

    Give a Book is a UK based charity that started in 2011 with the sole aim of giving books where they will be of particular benefit. Our core belief is that to pass on a good read-to give someone a book-is a transaction of worth. We provide practical solutions to help disadvantaged people in local areas by working with schools, the local community and partnering with other organisations to provide books to encourage an enjoyment of reading.

    gab pic 2 gab pic 1

    Our books go directly to schools and a range of charities, including the following: Age UK, Beanstalk, First Story, Maggie's Centres, Community Fostercare & Six Book Challengers.

    One of our latest projects is the Magic Breakfast Book Clubs


    gab pic 3 gab pic 4

    Working with Magic Breakfast we set up a pilot scheme—books for breakfast for primary school children, hungry in all sorts of ways. We gave 100 new books, notebooks and pencils to a  school located in an area where 73% of children were from income deprived households. Now the children are enjoying the new books and it is helping them engage more with reading and literacy in a more fun environment.

    After the success of the pilot, we now have 10 Book Clubs up and running with more in the pipeline. There is a continuing need, as there are growing numbers of pupils in areas where books and reading are not part of their everyday home life and the clubs fill a gap to encourage more reading for pleasure.

    Comments from some of our recipient schools:

    Reaction from the children has been very positive, they were very excited to get the new books, pencils and notebooks. The system we use is like a lending library, the breakfast club runs daily between 8.15 - 8.45am with about 25 children attending. The books are available at the Breakfast club for the children to browse, choose one, sign it out and take it home, notes are written in the notebook about the books they liked. Year 6 children are enjoying the responsibility of being Magic Breakfast book club monitors and help sign the books borrowed in and out. It’s a great initiative, thank you!’

    "The books from ‘Give a Book’ have been very much appreciated by the children and their families. Books are not always a high priority for many of our families; so it is good to know that the children have received quality books appropriate to their age and level. Teachers have loved the fact that they have had the opportunity of being able to choose books which relate to a topic or an author they have been studying …. which has meant that the children may be more motivated to read."

     We have also given books to every child in a school for excluded children, where there were no books at all,   we have been able to stock a library in a school that had none and have given books to First Story for their festival, and gifted each participating pupil an individual book for Christmas.

    Every £5 donation gives a book to someone who really needs one. It's easy, simply donate via our website and we will do the rest. We use donations to source new books at cost price, then package and post the books to the various charities and schools.

    If you are looking for a great excuse to pass on that good read, make a donation and help someone else enjoy the pleasure of books, because reading really does matter!

    What will you do to celebrate Book Giving Day?


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