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Reading to children

  • How one school transformed kid's books from boring to fun

    “I love reading now, as we have a space that is clean and organised and many new books to enjoy!”  - Amine, Year 6.

    It’s not much fun trying to get into a book in a busy, uncomfortable space. That’s what primary school teacher, Clare Taylor recognised, and she set out to create a reading haven for her pupils to make reading exciting again. Working together with charity Give A Book, they built a school library and restocked it with compelling new titles.   

    At Tidy Books, we’re proud to support Give A Book with our monthly book drops at our offices, where we collect quality, pre-owned kid’s books to donate to Give A Book. Guest blogger, Adeela Khan of Give A Book talks about the magic created when Ashburnham Community School got a new library.

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  • How simple fairy dust helps every child love reading

    “It's all about the quality of the volunteers ... they sprinkle our children with their magical reading fairy dust and open up the wonderful world of books to them.” (Beanstalk Schools’ Survey, Christmas 2015)

    What Beanstalk’s volunteers do is so simple, yet magical - reading one to one to help children discover their love of reading. We’re proud to support Beanstalk’s work through our partnership and regular donations. Guest blogger, Alexis Nielson of Beanstalk talks about what their wonderful volunteers do to open the world to the children through a book.

    The importance of reading for pleasure

    Literacy skills have naturally been a pivotal part of the Government’s education policy for several decades now. However, while reading attainment has increased, reading for pleasure has sharply declined. British students are much less likely to read for pleasure outside of school than their European counterparts, which presents a worrying trend.

    Several recent studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between reading for pleasure, frequency of reading, and attainment. Simply put, the more a child enjoys reading, the more receptive they are to learning.

    Beanstalk, charity, Tidy Books, kids reading, children One-to-one literacy support by Beanstalk's volunteer

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    I can still remember my first experience of being read to as a child. It was at school, when I was five or six, and the book was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Instantly, I was hooked. To me, the idea that you could be transported somewhere different, where weird and wonderful things happened, was just extraordinary.

    Roald Dahl, kids, children, books, reading, Tidy Books

    At the time my family was living in the New Hebrides – now known as Vanuata – and when they moved to France when I was eight I tried, unsuccessfully, to find the book. It wasn’t until I came to England at 23 that I was finally reunited with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It felt like meeting an old friend again.

    As a child, discovering books was like finding a portal to another dimension. I was amazed – and still am – that with a book you can travel the world, meet a whole host of people and characters and can travel backward or forwards in time. It’s just the most wonderful thing. I’m such a book lover that I even named my son, Emile, after my favourite writer Emile Zola, while my daughter Adele was given the same name as the daughter of author Victor Hugo. Continue reading

  • Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

    Back in 2004, when I founded Tidy Books, my aim was to make a children’s bookcase that made sense to kids. I saw how my four-year-old daughter, Adele, struggled to find the book she wanted because she couldn’t see the front cover. Most of her books ended up on the floor as she pulled out one after the other from her bookcase, searching for Babar the Elephant. It was frustrating for her, and made a messy pile of books on the carpet for me to tidy up! So I made our lives easier – I designed a front-facing bookcase.

    Bookcase, Tidy Books, alphabet, kids room, furniture, kids, childen, books

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