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We really need your vote for a unique opportunity called Pitch to Rich, which is hosted by Virgin Business. This would be such a great chance for Tidy Books to fulfil our mission to get more kids reading: Just click-> Vote for Tidy Books 

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Vote for Tidy Books in 3 easy steps! Only takes 10 seconds

1.   Click the green button below and then vote for Tidy books

Click to vote for Tidy Books

2.   You will receive an email within the next 10 minutes. Click the link within the email to confirm your vote and make sure it is counted.

3.   Please share to help us win!

We have come a long way with the business since I made the first bookcase for my daughter, Adele in 2004.  There just wasn't a bookcase designed with children in mind, so I started Tidy Books with £500 in my violin workshop and small ad in a parenting magazine. I had no business background but the response was phenomenal, I struck a chord with parents and children! 

Our ethos is the same now as it was back when I first started. We create original products designed around children, which meet an untapped need in the market, and help kids develop independence.

Mentoring by the Virgin team is an unmissable part of the prize; to develop what’s brilliant about us, to benefit from great business experience. Winning would be hugely stimulating, taking the business to a completely new level. Help us achieve our vision and vote for Tidy Books!


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Please help us by voting for Tidy Books.

Just click-> Vote for Tidy Books 




Thank you very much!

 Géraldine – Creator and CEO of Tidy Books

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