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How Beanstalk helps kids who are behind with their reading

We're delighted to host Beanstalk, national literacy charity as our guest blogger.  Beccy from Beanstalk explains why Beanstalk's work is so important.

Reading is both a gift and a right. But shockingly, last year a quarter of all children left primary school in the UK without reading well, rising to 2 out of 5 poorer children. This has terrible knock on effects for these children’s future prospects. Not reading well can mean a life sentence of poverty The UK has a strong link between low pay, unemployment and poor reading skills. For example:

-  70% of pupils permanently excluded from school have difficulties in basic literacy skills 

-  60% of the prison population is reported to have difficulties in basic literacy skills 

-  A report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ranks the UK 22nd out of 24 developed nations for literacy.

-  8 million adults in the UK have no useful literacy- they could not look up a plumber in the yellow pages, fill in a job application or even use the internet

For over 40 years Beanstalk has been working to rewrite this story. Beanstalk is a national charity which saves children’s futures by training volunteers to provide life-changing reading support. Our vision is a nation of confident children who can read and grow up to lead successful lives. Our work is mainly located in urban areas which see the highest levels of deprivation and lowest literacy levels, ensuring that our support is delivered to children who need us most


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In this coming year we will support over 10,500 children each week in almost 1,400 primary schools across the country through almost 3,500 reading helpers but there is much more we can do. To help more children we need more reading helpers. To recruit, vet, train and support more reading helpers we need more funds. Beanstalk is delighted to be working in partnership with Tidy Books this year to help get more children reading. Their contributions will make a significant impact on our vital work, helping provide the essential funding needed to recruit, train and place reading helpers who provide life-changing reading support.




To find out more about Beanstalk’s work check out our video or visit our website to see how you can lend your support through volunteering or donating. To find out more about how Tidy Books is supporting Beanstalk, visit our website.   

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