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Our kids' favourite books

Last month as part of the celebrations and activities surrounding Children’s Book Week my child was asked to take his favourite book into school.

His school books, whilst I am sure excellent learning resources for the budding reader, can be terribly uninteresting, and as a parent I do try to stress to him how brilliant reading can be.  In the hope that his reading motivation does not subside.

It is one of the very reasons I ever got involved with Tidy Books, buying one of their children’s bookcases and now finding myself helping with their social media.

Having a collection of books he really takes ownership of is all part of my grand reading encouragement plan.  If you don't believe me see Hands off my Bookcase

It is generally accepted here that boys can struggle more with reading than girls, and I know this is something both myself, and Geraldine – the originator and owner of Tidy Books – can relate to.

So to both of us it is important that our boys find joy in books, no matter what they are.

Emile, Geraldine’s boy, after being introduced to them at school, has recently become obsessed with the Berenstain Bears.  Not a series either I or Geraldine were immediately familiar with.

Perhaps you are?

Anyway, books were secured from the World Wide Web and Emile’s love for them is growing, check him out below.

So perhaps his current choice of favourite book was quite clear to him, and his mum, but it was not so obvious in this house.

Max tends to flit from book-to-book, each becoming flavour of the moment for a few days to then be updated with a brand new favourite.

If I was going to guess I would have gone for one of the Mr Men series, as we do seem to stick with them longer than most, and our bedtime reading can be provided by them for days on end.

But no.

On this occasion, another book, and another person was flavour of the week.

Daddy Hug is one of my favourites from his collection.  It has very simply rhyming text, and effectively compliments a father, coming to an end with ‘Daddy Hug”, which invariably ends up with a warmer final embrace of the day than usual.

I take it as a sign of my stock as to the frequency this is read, perhaps I shouldn’t, but I do.

And I was very proud when he took this to school to share with his teacher and peers.

What books would your kids choose?

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