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If you're 6, read these books. Kids review books for kids

6 is a dangerous age for reading.  6 and 7 year olds making their way through graded reading books can lose their love for stories.

One school is tackling these tricky times with a children's book group.  Children share their best books with other children and together they help each other develop their reading tastes.

We've teamed up with Esher Church School for their Book Bingo book group and the children will share their reviews on the blog over the next few weeks.  Watch out for some interesting books for kids recommendations!

The book group's selection will be stored in a Tidy Books Box, giving the book group a special place for their choices.

Melanie Copus of Esher Church School introduces the Book Bingo Project:

" I noticed that children in year two are very excited about their reading, but in the stress and haste to move up reading levels, this excitement becomes tainted and can wither as the year goes on. Their energy is spent in fulfilling the literacy objectives, over finding enjoyment from reading a good story.

This is where local libraries and book enthusiasts can help! I wanted to start a club at the school, particularly targeting this age group, in order to ignite and engrain this excitement. 

This term we have begun 'Book Bingo'. I run the club once a week with 11 children, of different reading levels. The club gives children the opportunity to share what they love about reading: From where they like to read, discussing how reading makes them feel, through what sort of content they prefer.

Children take one book to focus on, and discuss this when they attend the club each Friday. Once they have reviewed the book, they strike off the category on the Bingo grid. Categories include: fantasy, legend, myth, war, religion, and even cartoons - it's really about finding the different ways to enjoy what all types of book can offer!

I am particularly partial to a good story - from the Brothers Grimm, to those with deeper meaning from the likes of Paulo Coelho!

Over the next weeks I will share some of the children's exciting reviews with you, so watch this space!" 



What do you think helps keep your child's love of reading alive?

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