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Do you ever hide some of your kid's books?

Kids and reading is a topic which we are naturally enthusiastic about.  But, sometimes, children keep bringing you the most tedious book to read, which they clearly love.  Have you ever been tempted to hide these books?

In our house, the three year old has developed obsessions about the Traffic Club books, which are brilliant at teaching kids road safety, but very dull for the grown up to read again and again.   Other books that top my list of ones to hide are anything by Richard Scarry, and the Topsy and Tim and Berenstain Bears series.

I have to stress that my three year old loves them.  I think the appeal of reading about real life situations is very strong.   I do gather my patience and read them, but I have to admit to hiding them when we've read the same one every night for a week!

What books do your kids love, but make you groan (inwardly or outwardly) when they bring them out?  Do you hide them when you can't take any more?  When you take them out of the kids' bookcase, where do you hide them?

4 thoughts on “Do you ever hide some of your kid's books?”

  • Kat Crockford

    Guilty as charged, my husband and I were just talking about this the other day. He hates Charlie & Lola and so hides those, whereas I am not keen on the ones friend's give the boys as gifts which have a noise making button - they love it, but keep pressing them throughout reading, so completely negates the point or having a story at all! If I am not keen on them, then I tend to put them at the back of the cupboard and hope they don't pick them next time :)

  • Lucy Giffen

    Since my son's first birthday he has had a set of Tonka board books which I have tried to get rid of but he found the charity bag and questioned why they were in there. He's 3 and a half now. They are soooo boring with their American turn of phrase and names of trucks such as the Mighty Backhoe and the Toughest Mighty Dump Truck. His friend always selects them when he visits and his mum groans when she has to read them too! Generally weird especially with one ending "Once the cement is smooth and dry construction workers can go back to work". Still don't understand what they've been doing if they've not been building the road!

    • Ruth

      The building site ones can be incredibly boring, and sometimes seem to be written by a technical expert rather than a children's author. Good luck with smuggling them out of the house!

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