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It all started with an idea. Four original designs for kids

As we celebrate our 15th birthday this year, we are also celebrating some of the amazing parents turned entrepreneurs who’ve been inspired by real life with their kids.  They’ve gone on to design some truly original designs for kids that have been a game changer in family life, and are now sold around the world. Read their stories below. 

As part of our celebrations, we have a fab competition for you to win a bedtime bundle of original designs for kids from our friends Cuddledry, Ewan the Dream Sheep and Gummee Glove and Tidy Books.

You can win a Tidy Books Box, a Cuddledry Handsfree Towel, a Gummee Glove Teething Mitten and a Ewan the Dream Sheep over on our Instagram profile. 

It’s the little things about being a parent that have inspired original kid’s designs.  Jodine Boothby of Gummee Glove had her lightbulb moment during a nappy change. Her baby was an early teether and was too young to hold on to a teething toy.  She said:

“While changing Jimmy's nappy, I looked up and noticed that he had pulled the end of his sock loose on his hand (I could not find effective 'stay-on' scratch mitts, hence socks on his hands) and he appeared to be really happy, chewing & slobbering over the end of this sock. That was the inspiration for Gummee’s teething mittens“  

Gummee’s original teething mittens design meant that now even the smallest babies could self soothe and stay content for a little longer. 

original designs Gummee Glove's teething mitten

Helen and Polly, lifelong friends,  set up Cuddledry when they found a gap in the market for making baby’s bathtimes safer.  Parents find that stressful bit of bathtime is getting baby out of the bath, and having to hold the towel in one hand and the baby in the other.  

Helen and Polly were astonished to discover there was no towel available that left both parents’ hands free to get a slippery wriggly baby safely out of the bath.  Their original Cuddledry towel design was the first apron bath towel which meant parents could use both hands and make bathtimes safer and less stressful. 

original designs Cuddledry's hands free towel

Lynda of Sweet Dreamers also found a gap in the market, and with her Ewan the Dream Sheep range, she wanted to change how ‘problem sleepers’ could be helped to build up healthy sleep patterns.  She was already an experienced parent of 5, but when her sixth child came along, he was difficult to soothe, saying:

I discovered that one of the most reliable ways was to dim the lights, switch on the vacuum cleaner and rock him while he was in his cot … he would be asleep within minutes! Now that’s all well and good, but who wants to start vacuuming at 2am? “

original designs for kids Ewan the Dream Sheep and friend

 After 7 years of research, she launched a range of baby sleep products that can help transform babies’ and their parents’ night time routines.   

Geraldine of Tidy Books found that her own solution to her daughter’s frustration with trying to find books on a traditional shelf was a hit with her friends and their children too.  She said

“ I watched Adele’s frustration with trying to find a book on an old fashioned bookcase, and I realised how illogical the old-style bookcase was.  When I couldn't find the bookcase I wanted in the shops, I was determined to make one that actually made sense to kids.

So I got out my tools, as I was a violin maker at the time, and made one for Adele, and she loved it!  Soon my friends were asking me to make one for their kids, and I knew I had a business to build! 

The Tidy Books Box - for babies and toddlers. Credit @chloecox

original designs The Tidy Books Box - for babies and toddlers and beyond. Credit @wavetomummy

My Tidy Books bookcase design was an original.  It was the first front-facing bookcase for the home, and  it changed the way books are presented to children. “ 

 Now it’s your chance to win a brilliant bundle of these four original designs that have changed the way we parent.

You can win a Tidy Books Box, a Cuddledry Handsfree Towel, a Gummee Glove Teething Mitten and a Ewan the Dream Sheep over on our Instagram profile. 

Head over to our Instagram profile here





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