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Are you sitting comfortably?

Kiddy, the children's car seat company share their start-up story

We're delighted to have Kiddy guest posting here.  Read on to find out how the company became the award winning car seat manufacturer it is today. When Curt Wurstl founded his first company manufacturing car floor mats and seat covers in 1966, he would never have believed that this was to be the birth of multi-national award winning children’s car seat company,


Since this relatively low key start, Kiddy has grown
to be a much loved and trusted brand in over 56 countries.  
The company’s mission is very clear and single minded, simply to produce the world’s safest car seats for children.  There’s no one more passionate about the safety of our children than Kiddy.It all began when Curt designed and manufactured the first ever child’s car seat, “The Urkiddy” which went on to be the very first car seat to become a winner at Germany’s prestigious Stiftung Warentest.  Since then the company has remained in the Wurstl family and, with many years of research, design and continued innovation, Kiddy has some of the best children’s car seats available on the market today. This is proven time and time again with the numerous awards and accolades Kiddy has repeatedly enjoyed.


Kiddy is currently headed up by Curt’s son, Jan-Stefan, who is responsible for research and development whilst his wife, Bettina runs worldwide sales and marketing.  They have two small children of their own and so are very aware how important it is for busy parents to choose safe, stylish, comfortable car seats which are lightweight and easy to handle.Kiddy HQ is housed in a fabulous newly extended and renovated building in Hof, Germany.


The employees make up one big “Kiddy family” and are all just as passionate about the quality and safety of the Kiddy range as Jan-Stefan and Bettina are.  The real star of the show and, adding to the family atmosphere, is Moritz, Jan-Stefan and Bettina’s family dog, often seen wandering around the board room welcoming the visitors and sniffing out the competition.


With sales of over 160,000 car seats last year, it’s no wonder that Kiddy has a reputation to be proud of and Mr Wurstl Senior can look back to his humble beginnings and marvel at the achievements his family have made and become so well known for.

You can win a Kiddy car seat for your children.  Enter our brilliant competition here.



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