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Fancy a Poem Challenge?

We will begin this challenge with a Happy Birthday to Christopher Smart!

Who is Christopher Smart  you may ask? Well he was a famous English poet and journalist who was   born on the 11th April in 1722. Poor old Christopher didn't have a great life according to historical records as he spent a number of years in a mental asylum. However, he wrote one of his most famous poems during this period entitled  "A Song to David". Sadly for Christopher things did not improve once he was released as he occurred a huge amount of debt and was forced to live his final years in a debtors prison.


Now we dont want to over stimulate anyones creativity too much here like poor old Christopher, so we are only looking for a short poem.

Can you come up with a poem about this Tidy Books illustration below? Best one gets a mention from us!

Tidy Books childrens reading

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