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Create a little reading nook...

"You could create a little reading nook anywhere in the house with this cute little shelf"  So says Babybix, blogger and mom to Brandon. 

She reviewed the Tidy Books Bunk Bed Buddy and loved that it was well made, stylish and produced in sustainable wood.  She also reckoned it looked so good that it would work anywhere in the house, even as a mini book shelf!    You can read Babybix's review here, and there's a giveaway to enter and special discount code to use at the checkout.

3 thoughts on “Create a little reading nook...”

  • Cyndi from LatteJunkie

    I had been thinking that they are perfect for the loo :D My two year old loves reading on the loo, like Daddy, but we don't have much space to put up a shelf so this is hopefully going to be our solution.

    Bet you never thought of putting one in the smallest room of the home!


    • Ruth

      Cool idea! All you'd need is one of those gently heated loo seats and your two year old could settle down to read all the books!

  • Alison Mills

    Sounds Awesome from the above comments but I can't see the picture, don't know why it isn't showing :(

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