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Christmas Angels | Original Poems for Kids

Christmas Angels

On Christmas morning at seven o’clock

Our Gran came downstairs and she got a great shock

As the house was so quiet! So peaceful! So still!

And she said ‘Goodness gracious! Are all those kids ill?’

And she stood there in puzzlement, scratching her head

And she thought to herself ‘Are those kids still in bed?’

She remarked to our Dad ‘My, those kids are so good

They’re behaving themselves like small children all should

You say that they’re naughty, but nobody gets

That they’re such darling angels, they’re such perfect pets

I can’t hear a thing! Not a peep! Not a noise

From their room – they’ve not opened their toys!’

But under our covers we silently laughed

And we thought to ourselves ‘Boy – those grown-ups are daft

Our toys were all opened – we’d ripped into them

By the light of our torches at four a.m.

In fact we’d been partying half the night

Here under our duvets with torches for light

And we were being quiet because (you should try it)

Itsh very, very diffishult to shpeak witsh your moush shtuffed full of schocolate

Elli Woollard


Elli Woollard writes poems regularly on her blog.  You can read her biog here

Elli's work is copyrighted.  Please see her notes on copyright and use here

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