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  • When less is more at Christmas

    I remember one of my first Christmas Days in England. We were at my sister-in-law’s house and I couldn’t believe the amount of gifts her young daughter was getting. She’d unwrap a present, throw the paper to one side, open another present, throw the paper... and on and on until she’d got through about a dozen presents.

    Coming from France, this was completely alien to me. When I was growing up, I’d receive one main Christmas present – a doll perhaps – and a couple of little things to go with it. This wasn’t just my experience – other French kids got pretty much the same deal. That’s because in France children only receive gifts from Santa Claus. So there was never any issue with relatives struggling to find bigger, better, pricier presents – it was all down to Father Christmas!

    Unlike France, it seems that families in the UK are under huge pressure to buy kids’ Christmas presents. Recently it was announced that British children under the age of 12 will receive on average 11 toys for Christmas this year. The money saving expert Martin Lewis believes that young children ‘want what they want – whether it costs £2 or £200’ but that many parents can’t stop at one small present because they feel guilty that they’re not spending enough on their kids.

    It’s tough when you’re bombarded with messages about ‘must-have toys’. And it can be particularly difficult for relatives who live far away and want to show their love through a big gift. One solution could be for everyone in the family – parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles – to club together to buy one special present. Something that’s not this year’s fad but a gift that’s thoughtful and memorable – and will last beyond Boxing Day.

    christmas, christmas gifts, Tidy Books, reading, books, bookcase Dive into books this Christmas

    Of course here at Tidy Books that’s something we firmly believe in. We make products that your kids can get years of enjoyment out of and that they can continue to use as they grow. And our products don’t need batteries either!

    I absolutely love giving gifts at Christmas – and after all these years I still believe that less is more. Don’t tell my teens, but this year, like every year, they’ll only find three gifts under the Christmas tree!

    What will your children find under the tree this Christmas?

  • 7 Easy Ways to Turn your Baby's Nursery into a Big Kid's Room

    When your toddler is ready for a big bed, it's time to transform the nursery to a big kid's room they can call their own.

    We've created the Tidy Books 7 Top Tips to help you create a big kid's room from your baby's nursery decor:

    A big kid's room will need great storage ideas for your child's growing toy collection, a children's bookcase to give their books a good home for years to come, some comfy cushions or bean bags to relax in, and decor they will love.

    1.  Choose a neutral colour for the walls which will still look good in a teenager's room.  If you're confident with colour, create an accent wall in a strong, gender neutral colour that will still meet their approval when they're 13!  Pep the walls up with fun and funky decals or wall stickers to give the room the wow factor you're looking for.  Opt for wall stickers which are easily removable, and update-able.  It's even more fun for your child to help choose which wall stickers they'd like for their big kid's room.

    Tidy Books Kids Wall stickers

    2. Toddler beds are great if you don't have much space and will last your child until they are about 5 or 6 years old.  Other parents opt for a standard single bed which saves them buying another bed and another set of bedding again.  Whatever you choose, make sure there is room for storage underneath the bed.

    3. Do something with the old cot.  If you're handy, you could even try some of ideas from parents who've turned cots in to desks, sofas and even swings!

    4. Toy storage.  It's the biggie. When the toys are strewn across the floor in minutes, you'll need storage that makes it a doddle to put away at the end of the day.  Look for baskets, tubs and boxes that come in varying sizes to accommodate toys in different sizes, and then can be stowed on shelves.   Get your child get involved in the tidy up by taking a tip from  day nurseries who mark each box with a picture to show what belongs where.

    5. Add something extra special to make their room a kid-friendly place to hang out.   This could be bean bags to lounge on with a book, flip out sofas for sleepovers, or paint a cupboard with blackboard paint so that your child can make their doodles part of the decor.bean bag reading

    6. Books. Your child will need a place to store their growing library.  Help them build their love of reading by putting their books easily within reach and at eye-level.  They'll be proud of their own collection.  Try a Tidy Books Box for smaller collections of books which can be stored next to their beds, or choose a Tidy Books Bookcase for a home library that's sure to grow!

    Chic-kids-bookcase a mummy too

    7. Choose a bookcase that's adaptable.  The Tidy Books Bookcase comes with ABC lettered panels to help your child learn the alphabet easily, as they go along.  Later on, you can order plain replacement panels without letters to give your Tidy Books bookcase a further lease of life as your child wants a more sophisticated look in their room.

    What are your top tips for decorating your child's room?

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  • Tidy Books' feature in "the Guardian"

    We are delighted to share with you the latest news about our company: Tidy Books was featured on! As a part of The Guardian’s “Small Business Showcase 2014”, the article focuses on Tidy Books growth in the past year and the launch of the international websites.

    Tidy Books was featured in the Guardian's "Small Business Showcase 2014" series Tidy Books was featured in the Guardian's "Small Business Showcase 2014" series

    We are a small company with a big vision: to put a Tidy Books Bookcase in every child’s room and to get kids reading all over the world. This year, we made some important steps towards this goal. With the help of a crowdfunding campaign at the beginning of this year, we were able to successfully launch Tidy Books France and Tidy Books Deutschland so that French and German bookworms no longer have to see the boring backs of their books. Another step that has helped spread the word about Tidy Books is us collaborating with international bloggers. We are thankful for the feedback and support we receive online and are looking forward to keep growing bookworms worldwide!

    Read the full article at

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