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Book Bingo: The School Book Group Review #4

Our school book group, Book Bingo brings you another brilliant children's book review,  by Grace age 6.   The Book Bingo group store their book club choices in a Tidy Books Box.

Book name: Dippy’s Sleepover

Author: Jane Clarke

Summary: “Dippy goes to his friends house for a sleepover. He feels ashamed of wetting the bed but he finds out that Spike does it as well, and they laugh about it”

Favourite part & why: My favourite part is when Dippy finds out Spike wets the bed too”

Rating: 2/5


Melanie Copus of Esher Church School writes:

In class, Grace had been learning about how stories can teach us morals and how to tackle real-life issues, so she particularly enjoyed finding a book like this to read. Especially one with such enticing pictures throughout!

  The story line lends itself well to much younger children who have an adult to read to them, and they can follow the pictures and listen along. However, it’s also a good for a book to have sitting in a childcare setting or the classroom so other slightly older children can access it. Such elements of life are a normal part of child development and can happen throughout the primary years, yet they are the things that children can get most embarrassed and self-conscious about if not treated with in the right way. Having books like this around remind children this is normality and simply a part of growing up. 

Have you read this story with your children?  What did they think?

Book Bingo's selection of books will be stored in a Tidy Books Box, giving the school book group a special place for their choices.

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