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Blog Contributor - Ian

Ian Newbold, Tidy Books


I’m Ian, and the smaller guy you can see in the picture is my son, Max. I’m a 32 year-old freelance writer and parenting blogger.  I first came into contact with Tidy Books when I ordered one of their excellent bookcases for my son’s bedroom - with which I instantly fell in love - and now I find myself the main contributor to their blog.

As a single parent, full-time, hands-on dad, my interests are dominated by all things child.  My son has recently started school, which has meant our adventures have been curtailed a smidge, but we still manage to get up to a lot, and school brings with it a whole new stage of exploration.  Pre-parenthood I was quite sporty, and getting back into shape is something I have done recently.  Watching sport is also something I enjoy, as is top drama and comedy on television.

The relationship between books and children is very important to me, the first thing I bought my son when he was born was the Mr Men library bus, and he has an ever growing and changing library that is somewhat, but not always, tidied by his Tidy Books bookcase.  Yet what it definitely, and consistently does, is speed up the process of choosing a book for bedtime reading.  My boy finds it so much easier to choose a book when he can see the all the covers of his collection.

The principles of this blog, while not hiding the fact that it hopes to promote the excellent and innovation products of Geraldine Grandidier, the brains behind Tidy Books, are to find relevant news to the child literacy arena, generate viewpoint blog posts that parents will find interesting and instigate discussion.  There will also be book reviews, those we are sent, or books that we already own, and when I say, or type, ‘we’ I mean from any of the lovely folks that work for Tidy Books, or indeed the children of our merry gang.

We also hope to find time to read, contribute and engage with other blogs and bloggers.  Interacting on Twitter and Facebook has also been fun so far, and long may it continue.  Feel free to get in touch with us via any of those mediums, or here at the blog.  I can be contacted via blog (at) tidy- books (dot) com and it would be absolutely great to hear from you.

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