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About The Blog

The idea, or ideas behind this blog are simple.  A place that will attempt to cover all things from the children’s literacy world, with children, and the parents of those children, always in mind.

  • Lifestyle blog posts

Written from our own parenting experiences, potentially every day concerns, observations, feelings on children’s reading.  Hopefully we are entertaining, and interesting enough to generate debate and also provide useful advice for those that can relate to the posts in question.

  • Review blog posts

Reviews of books, and related products compiled by one of the team, the offspring of the team, or indeed, from a reader of the blog.

  • Comment blog posts

Personal interpretations from our contributors of the news, or published reports within the world of children’s literature.   Again, hoping to put an interesting view across, and perhaps unearth information for people who haven’t the time to research it.

  • Competitions

Giveaways and competitions, that we expect to usual involve Tidy Books products, but possibly children’s books as well, or whatever publishers and authors would like to share with us and you.

  • Tidy Books News

Information about company news, what has been going on, or what is happening in the future, new products, special offers, exhibition appearances.

By producing information of this type, we hope to engage with fellow bloggers, parents and professionals, offering people a useful resource, and hopefully, in turn, leading ourselves to other useful resources from all over the World Wide Web.  From our forays so far, we are already delighted with what, and whom we have found.

Essentially this blog is brought to you by Tidy Books, and the promotion, and business of Tidy Books is important, and without it this blog would not exist, but it is certainly not paramount either.

Blog news will be shared by Twitter and Facebook, and there will also be information there that is of interest to us, so hopefully, to you.

Enjoy the blog, and do feel free to let us know what you like, and what you don't.

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