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    This March we will be launching our crowdfunding campaign – and would love you to join us! We’re looking for people who want to invest in a company that’s already a proven success and has a fired-up ambition to grow. Like the children we design our children’s bookcases and storage boxes for, we don’t want to sit still!

    Since the company started in 2004 we’ve sold 60,000 products in 10 countries. We think that’s pretty good going – and shows that our products have a universal appeal. We’re also proud to be an established company whose goal has always been to design products that simply make sense. My dream for Tidy Books was to offer a unique product for children that combined style and practicality – something I’m thrilled to have achieved. I’m also delighted that our success allows us to give back to children’s literacy charities 

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    And now I want to do more! This year we’ll be adding two new Tidy Books products to the four existing ones, including a children’s storage solution people will wonder how they ever lived without. I can’t say too much about it now – I’ve been sworn to secrecy – but you’ll be able to store away Iots of fiddly bits and pieces in an ordered way. By 2017, we’ll have a total of eight Tidy Books products in our range – all of them beautifully designed to fill a gap in the market.

    So you see, we have big plans for the future – and you can be part of it with crowdfunding. We’re a solid company with huge potential for growth, so you’re looking at a good return on any investment you make. By investing, you’ll also get some fantastic tax benefits

    Tidy Books is a brand that’s going places. I want to design more amazing products and sell them to more customers all over the world!

    * Our crowdfunding venture goes live this March –  Register your interest now 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call me on 07742 909412

    Best Wishes

    Creator and designer of Tidy Books


  • Tidy Books wins parents' vote, with Loved by Parents Award 2014

    Tidy Books, the children’s bookcase company, gets the stamp of approval from parents, scooping a Silver Loved by Parents Award for its innovative Tidy Books Box, which gets kids reading, in the Best Nursery Accessory category.

    Loved by Parents Awards are influential in parents’ choice of products, because the winners are chosen by other parents through a public vote. This year, over 50,000 parents voted for their favourite brands and products from a shortlist picked by the baby experts at Loved by Parents.


    Parents chose the Tidy Books Box because it encourages children’s love of reading.  The innovative design, created by a mum, is easy for young children to use independently, making books attractive and fun, right from those crucial early years.

    Parents tell us that their Tidy Books Box serves as great reminder to read with their children. Our awards wins give parents confidence that other parents have given Tidy Books the thumbs up,” explained Ruth Duncan, Tidy Books marketer.

    The Tidy Books Box is a portable book box which displays the front covers of books, making it easy for even the smallest child to see and choose a book independently.  Made in sustainable wood, it is stylish enough for the living room, and sturdy enough for the playroom.  The Box comes with a removable play clock for a lovely introduction to telling the time.Tidy Books Box Natural - Reading - Low Res

    Tidy Books founder and CEO Geraldine Grandidier said; “We’re delighted to win a Loved by Parents Award.  It is solid proof that other parents know how important it is to make kids books accessible to even the smallest child, so that they get hooked on reading from an early age.”

    You can find out how the Tidy Books Box would work for your family here.

  • Interview with Geraldine, Tidy Books CEO, on Jelf Small Business Blog

    Tidy Books has been selected as 'One to Watch 2014', by Jelf Small Business.  Read on to discover more about what Geraldine and the Tidy Books' team are planning this year.

    JSB - What does Tidy Books do?

    Geraldine - Tidy Books makes award-winning, innovative and eco-friendly storage and bookcases that get kids reading!  They are a favourite with parents and are sold via John Lewis and other major retailers in the UK, as well as our own direct ecommerce site. Tidy Books' designs are scalable for international growth, and our business model has enabled us to make inroads into the US, Australia and Europe with plans for further expansion in 2014!

    JSB - How did you come up with the idea?

    Geraldine - In 2004 I was looking for a bookcase for my daughter Adele, then aged three. I discovered that the bookcase I wanted didn’t exist. All the kids’ bookcases in the shops were really bookcases for adults, dressed up for children: they show the spines of books, and only work if the books are the same size – like most books for adults.

    So I made the first Tidy Books bookcase for my daughter. The bookcase displays books' front covers which enables young children to choose books independently. My invention revolutionised kids' bookcases, making books accessible for even the smallest child and promoting a love of books in a fun and natural way.

    Friends and family wanted a bookcase too, and the Tidy books business was born. The business started from my violin workshop with just £500 and a small advert in a parenting magazine, and the response was positive: I couldn't make bookcases fast enough! I had struck a chord, and had a business to grow.

    g holding nectar awardfb

    JSB - Are there any local or national schemes that have helped you get your project off the ground?

    Geraldine - During the first years of the business, I worked pretty much without outside help, learning and developing step-by-step. In the last few years, help has come along which has had a big impact on the business. The main examples are: I was selected to join the prestigious Goldman Sachs and UCL business development programme; 10,000 Small Businesses in May 2013. It was a brilliant way to connect with other inspiring small business leaders, business minds and the learning has helped shape my plans for the business in 2014.

    The British Library Business Seminars have been an invaluable resource for business information and advice. In addition, we’ve been helped by the European Regional Development Fund, winning an award for Innovation in 2012.

    JSB - How was 2013 for you?

    Geraldine - 2013 was the year that we put the foundations in for Tidy Books faster growth strategy. We had already created the building blocks: a scalable design, an excellent stock-forecasting system and a low-cost replicable marketing model in 2012. Last year, we began the search for investment and found it! We have successfully raised equity via crowdfunding website Crowdcubeand have overfunded by 149 per cent so far! We are very excited that so many others share our belief in the potential that Tidy Books has for global expansion.

    JSB - What are your hopes for 2014?

    Geraldine - 2014 is when Tidy Books goes global! We will be working hard to make the company’s expansion into Germany, France and the US a success. We’ve put plans in place to reach our markets, and there are some new product ideas in the pipeline too!

    Tidy Books are part of Jelf's Ones to Watch 2014 Series this year.  Visit Jelf's blog to see who else is One to Watch in 2014.

  • Tidy Books wins Creative Play Award 2013

    Parents who are searching for an inspired gift this Christmas to get their children's creativity flowing, can find a resource of ideas in the winners of the Creative Play Awards which include a Tidy Books Children's Bookcase.2013 Creative Play Awards Winner logo

    The first ever Creative Play Awards have given Winner status to the Tidy Books Children's Bookcase in the Books and Teaching Resources Category. The innovative design of the bookcase gets children reading.  Books are the building blocks of imagination and great ideas, and what better way to inspire children than to nurture their love of books?

    abcs and garden peas

    With the endorsement of play experts and other parents who judged the Creative Play Awards 2013, parents can be reassured that a Tidy Books Bookcase will be the sort of gift that will inspire their children for years to come.

    The Tidy Books Children's Bookcase has won a clutch of awards from the experts including Right Start Awards, Practical Pre-School Awards, Mother and Baby, and Loved by Parents.



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