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I’m Géraldine, I’m a mum and I started Tidy Books when I created the first Tidy Books bookcase for my daughter in 2004.
Ever since, I’ve been designing book shelves and storage for kids which foster their sense of independence, because...


I believe designs for kids should make sense to kids. Everything I make is designed to be fun for children, to draw them in and foster their sense of independence.

I used to be a violin maker, but everything changed one day, when I saw my four year old daughter’s frustration trying to find a book on a traditional bookcase.

I do business ethically. All Tidy Books designs are made in sustainable wood, and finished in our safe water lacquer that’s better for our workers and the environment.

Every time you buy from Tidy Books, we donate to national literacy charity Beanstalk to help more kids love to read. Because reading changes lives.

If you have any questions about Tidy Books, give us a call on 020 8520 4647.
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